Monday, August 3, 2009

WAHM vs. Full-time/Part-time Job

I know I'm not the only woman out there struggling with this right now. As a mother of two with a husband in school, it's almost a necessity for me to be earning income in some way. I'm having a hard time right now deciding if I need to be a WAHM (work at home mom) or if I need to find a full or part time job. There are so many things to take into consideration. Will I really be able to WORK if I'm at home.? If I work outside of the home, what will I do with my daughters? Who will watch them? Daycare? A friend? My mom? It's tough.

Have you ever been in the same position? Let me know... What did you decide to do? What works for you? Maybe your story could help me or someone in the same shoes as me.


The Yarn Yanker


  1. It's easy, what do you value more? time with the kids" or money to feed them? Sounds impossible right? If you work at home with the kids, you can watch them save money on a daycare, and take a break to play with them from time to time. They are little only once! If you work at a job, Sure the money might be better, but you have to buy daycare, you miss the "little moments" that makign having kids all worth it. And at the end of the day, will they thank you for all the "stuff" you gave them. or you time. Time is the greatest gift in my opinion. How cheaply we sell ours for these days

  2. Essentially, every mom has to do what is best for her. I'm a better mother when I spend some time away from my kids because I don't get so crazy! Instead of working outside the home, though, I found a happy medium by hiring a sitter (mother's helper) for a few hours every day while I get work done. Then I get to spend quality time in the afternoons with the kids. Mom is more relaxed, the kids love the sitter, and we have some extra income. In my situation, it has worked out great! I found my mother's helper by posting on Craigslist. She is 27 years old, college educated, patient, and reliable. I rarely leave the house (except for an occasional grocery run - what a blessing THAT is with no kids in tow), and she definitely keeps my life in balance. I hope this insight is helpful to you! My advice to every mom is always "whatever works." We are all different, and so are our children!

  3. I have also been struggling with this - in fact I financially we decided that I had to go back to work and will be doing so Next Monday (Aug 10th) and it kills me to think about it! I'd rather stay home. But, I have been reflecting on my relationship with my mother and the relationship of friends with theirs and I is because my mother worked that we are so close. She came home every day and started our conversation with " you got on the bus..." and she expected every detail from getting on the bus until the moment she came home. I still start our conversations as a joke with "well...I got on the bus..." My other friends don't have that relationship with their moms because they were always home and, in my opinion, they took their mother's presence for granted. So, YY, whatever you decide to do - be it stay home or not - my advice is to start your own "I got on the bus" type of tradition. If you decided to WAHM then focus on work when you are working and focus on your family when you are not. I know that I will be doing that with my daughter and it makes me feel less upset about having to leave her everyday. Hopefully we'll remain close because, like my mother before me, going to work will make me appreciate each moment I do have with her when I am home. Good luck!

  4. My boys are grown now and moved away. One is married. I had a business from home as a single mom from 1992 until 2001. I have no regrets. I've held jobs when I had to and prayed through everything. You seem to be very disciplined and love being at home--They are assets.

    Take it a day at a time and plan ruthlessly with what works for your family. I wanted to be home to raise my own sons. I thank God for the privelege.

    You already have a business but the business end is always the determining factor not the creative output. If money is tight, it makes it harder to be creative and enjoy being at home with family. Watch the bottomline $$$ and I may not be popular for this, but don't give away what you should be selling to bring in income. It's wonderful to be generous but it's a business and profit needs to come in first.

    It costs money, time, effort and inventory to give away product. You have to balance the financial losses to your business in terms of the cost of raw materials and product you give away and what you make in net from sales. Other wise your business will lose money. Hope this helps... All the best, whatever decision you make.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful advice. I'm still deciding what the next step is for me and my family. I'll let you all know soon.